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Our Mission:

Our mission is o provide ecological service to assist the conservation, restoration, and management of wetlands and associated ecosystems in North America. We believe science-based evaluation and restoration of wetlands and ecosystems that depend upon them is essential to maintain the quality of wildlife habitats while supporting human activities in our world. Continuing to do the research and education to achieve this goal, using the latest technology available, is our driving force.


Wetlands are integral parts of ecosystems in North America. They provide a variety of important ecological functions and values including improving water quality and quantity, groundwater recharge, flood water conveyance and storage, C-sequestration, filtration of contaminants, fish and wildlife habitat, and recreation.

Unfortunately, many landscapes in North American have been highly altered from changes in land uses, hydrology, and topography. Continued degradations in wetland functions and values increasingly are constraints to sustaining human health and industry, biodiversity, and recreational opportunity.

Conservation and management of wetlands is important to many interest groups. Traditionally, many resource agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions provided education and information to meet wetland conservation needs. Today, fewer entities provide basic education, science, restoration, and management services, despite the increased need for them.

Greenbrier Wetland Services was formed to help meet basic information needs and fill gaps in existing services of wetland conservation interests.




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