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Greenbrier Wetland Services was formed by Dr. Mickey Heitmeyer in association with many experienced and widely-respected wetland scientists and managers who have worked at all levels of federal, state, non-governmental, and private resource agencies and entities.  Dr. Heitmeyer is a former Group Manager of Conservation and Director of the Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research of Ducks Unlimited Inc., Director of Research and Outreach for the California Waterfowl Association, Research Biologist at the University of California-Davis, and Research Associate and Director of the Gaylord Memorial Laboratory of the University of Missouri-Columbia. 

Other Greenbrier associates include:

• Dr. Leigh H. Fredrickson, former Director of the Gaylord Laboratory, University of Missouri

• Dr. Tom Foti, former Chief of Ecology and Research for the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission

Our network

Greenbrier Wetland Services also engages a network of many other waterfowl and wetland scientists and managers from throughout North America to assist specific projects in their area of biological, engineering, management, and geographical expertise.  Many of these associates are highly experienced retirees from resource agencies who enjoy occasional work in important conservation initiatives.

Services include:

Research of Waterfowl and Wetlands

Evaluation and Monitoring
Management and Restoration Plans
Continuing Education of Professionals
Wetland Determinations
HGM and HEP Models
Strategic Planning
Management of Conservation and Hunting Properties


Greenbrier Wetland Services has cooperative agreements and affiliation with several other conservation entities to provide multi-disciplinary services needed in specific projects.  They include:

Wetland Management and Education Services (WETMES) - a nonprofit organization specializing in continuing education of wetland professionals.

Blue Heron Conservation Design and Printing LLC - a small minority-based business specializing in production and design of natural resource publications and educational materials, data analyses and management, and ArcMap GIS mapping. 

Five Oaks Wildlife Services - a division of the Five Oaks conservation company that specializes in providing quality hunting opportunities, habitat management services, and plant materials.

Rich-N-Tone video production - a division of Rich-N-Tone call company that films and produces high quality videos and television programs that include conservation productions.


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